How to distinguish which DCI syringe Style you have

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03 April 2015 08:57

Use this forum to discuss how to identify which DCI syringe style you have. For example: Precision Comfort, Quick-Clean Standard, Quick-Clean Valve Core etc.

How to tell the difference between a DCI Precision Comfort Syringe and a DCI Quick Clean Standard Syringe.
Precision Comfort was introduced to the market in June of 2011. The new features include Precision Touch buttons that are 45% softer and 20% larger for more precise metering of the air & water. It also has an ergonomic finger rest to reduce hand fatigue.

Key distinguishers:
Precision Comfort Syringe
• Syringe button is longer then the standard button
• Spring is long and cylindrical
• Has an indent below the syringe tip for a finger rest
Quick-Clean Standard Syringe
• Has a conical shaped spring
• Does NOT have the indent below the syringe tip for a finger rest

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