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Helpful hints for installing a Pelton & Crane LF II light arm

Posted in: Light Parts and Bulbs

Tips for easily installing DCI's Pelton & Crane LF II light arm

1.  Do you have the tools you need to make an easy install/repair?  If not, order the DCI Spring Adjustment Tool, PN 8697

2.  The knuckle mounting screws should be torqued to 40 in-lbs

3.  The pin is designed to permit removal or insertion in one direction only.  DCI uses the same pin as the orignal manufacturer.

4.  DCI machined two dimples on the drift screw to help align the set screw with the flats to prevent damage of the threads.

5.  When replacing the LF II light spring, be proactive and replace the knuckle supports at the same time.  You've already disassembled it, so a few more minutes can help prevent a return trip.

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