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Stool Cylinder Identification Guide

Posted in: Chair Parts

​Includes stool cylinder dimensions & compatible models.

What stools does the 2952 cylinder fit?

  • P&C Stool Model 2004 (OEM Part Number 047039)

  • Marus Assistant Stool Model DC5130 and DC5030 (OEM Part Number 30509)

  • DCI Equipment Assistant Stool Model 70-DC5030 (OEM Part Number 70-3059)

What stools does the 2953 cylinder fit?

  • P&C Stool Model 2003 (OEM Part Number 047038)
  • Marus Assistant Stool Model DC5140 and DC5040 (OEM Part Number 30510)
  • DCI Equipment Assistant Stool Model 70-DC5040 (OEM Part Number 70-30510)

What stools does the 2962 cylinder fit?

  • P&C Stool Model 2002 (OEM Part Number 041772)
  • Marus Assistant Stool Model DC5110 and DC5010 (OEM Part Number 75R089)
  • A-dec® Cascade® Doctor Stool Model 1601 (OEM Part Number 65.0208.00 Tall)

What stools does the 2963 cylinder fit?

  • A-dec® Cascade® Assistant Stool Model 1621, 1622, 1626 (OEM Part Number 65.0209.00)
  • A-dec® Pre-Cascade® Assistant Stool Model 1620 (OEM Part Number 65.0209.00)

Model 1620 made from 6-1993 to present can be identified by the seriel number F3 and above located under the seat. 

Example of serial number:

A = January, B = Feb, C = March, D = April, E = May, F = June etc. F 3
1 = 1991, 2 = 1992, 3 = 1993, 4 = 1994, 5 = 1995 etc. 6-1993

What stools does the 2964 cylinder fit?

  • P&C Stool Model 2001 (OEM Part Number 041789)
  • Marus Assistant Stool Model DC5000 and DC5100 (OEM Part Number75R088)
  • A-dec® Cascade® Doctor Stool Model 1601 (OEM Part Number 65.0227.00 Short)

A-dec® and Cascade® are a registered trademark of A-dec, Inc. DCI has no affiliation with A-dec and A-dec has not authorized DCI replacement parts to be used on or in connection with A-dec® products.

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